What is All of Us Research Program?

The mission of All of Us is simple. We want to speed up health research. To do this, we’re asking one million or more people to share their unique health data. This information will be added to a database. Researchers can then access this data to conduct thousands of studies on health and disease.

All of Us is a national effort that aims to build the largest most diverse database of health information of its kind that researchers can use to study health and illness. We want to support researchers in efforts to understand how different genetic, lifestyle, and environmental factors impact health and disease. With this information, researchers can look to improve the ways to diagnose, prevent, and treat health conditions. This could lead to improved health for generations to come.

University of Arizona and Banner Health's Role

The University of Arizona and Banner Health are partners of the All of Us Research Program. 

The University of Arizona and Banner Health are calling on volunteers like you in Arizona and Northern Colorado. We hope you will help make history and change the future of health. The health data you share will be added to the All of Us database. Researchers can access this data to conduct studies.

This could help them see how different things, like environment, lifestyle, and genes, can impact health. This may help develop new medical treatments that are unique to each person.