How the All of Us Research Program works

How All of Us Research Program works

When a participant enrolls in the All of Us Research Program, they may:

  • Sign a general consent to be a part of the program
  • Sign an Electronic Health Record (EHR) consent
  • Complete three surveys: "Basics", "Overall Health", and "Lifestyle"
  • Have their physical measurements recorded
  • Possibly donate blood, urine, and/or saliva samples

 What happens next?

The personal information, such as name and address, is de-identified with the participant provided health information and samples are sent to the Mayo Clinic Biobank where scientists can access the information and samples to study how different people react to different diseases and medication based on their genetics, environment, and lifestyle. Participants may also receive results back like their EHR and genetics information. From time to time, participants will be asked to complete additional surveys, most recently was the COVID-19 Participant Experience (COPE) survey to help scientists understand COVID-19.

How the Program Works

  • 1

    Participants Share Data

  • 2

    Data is Protected

  • 3

    Researchers Study Data

  • 4

    Participants Get Information

  • 5

    Researchers Share Discoveries